We are Lively Grains!

Here's a short video of our journey towards our goal to bring fresh organic rice to every household and to empower our partner farmers.Produced by: Jude Michael Video by: Richard "Niorz" DonascoEdited by: Mishi RenivaCopyright © 2020 by Lively GrainsAll rights reserved. This video or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the producer.Special thanks to our CEO & Founder Obet de Villa and friends Kristine Tiu Garcia, Yana de Villa, Jessie Tarroza and Renato Bajada

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Lively Grains

Lively Grains is a company that promotes healthy living by offering consumers organic grains, specifically red and black rice. It fosters a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the consumption of organic grains and offering them at prices that will sustain continued production and availability of quality organic grains.
Lively Grains also aspires to be of service to farmers by closely working with them in ensuring the production of quality organic grains and helping them maximize income from their produce. The Company thus partnered with multi-awarded farmers and cooperatives in Mindanao who produce organic rice.
Vision: To promote healthy living by encouraging production and consumption of organic grains.
Mission: To offer consumers organic grains at prices that will sustain continued production of quality organic grains. “Organic grains for healthy living”.